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Tribler is a different BitTorrent client. It gives you:

  • Fast content search
  • Wiki-style channels
  • Video-on-demand support
  • Fully decentralized
  • No ads

Tribler is an application that enables its users to find, enjoy, and share content. By content, we mean video, audio, pictures, and much more. Tribler has three goals in helping you, the user:

  • Find content:
    • Keyword search: Through our improved search functionality you search in content of other Tribler users, and in content of big video Web portals such as Liveleak.
    • Browse in different categories: You can browse through different categories as video, audio, pictures, etc. You can also see what is most popular and what is made available recently. All these functionalities will definitely help you in finding something you like.
    • See what friends and taste neighbors like: By making friends and getting in touch with users with similar taste you can find content that you might find interesting. You yourself can also show to your friends what you like and what they definitely should see.
  • Consume content: Because of the integrated video and audio player you can almost immediately start watching your favorite video(s) or listen to your favorite song(s).
  • Share content: Tribler is a social application. This means you can make friends with other users and you can show to everyone what you like and dislike. And by sharing your content you also help other Tribler users to enjoy their favorite content.


  • Add a checkbox for anonymity slider and use correct descriptions for anonymity levels
  • Add default anonymous level in settings
  • Add default anonymous level slidebar to SettingsDialog
  • Add packaging instructions for Debian,OSX,Windows
  • Add python version runtime check.
  • Add python-pil dependency
  • Check if we are running an old tribler with a new db version
  • Dont use hostname as nick
  • Ensure we don't try to remove the same relay twice
  • Fix FamilyFilter log exception
  • Fix FamilyFilter tracker encoding problem
  • Fix SettingsDialog restart segfault problem
  • Fix SettingsDialog restart segfault problem
  • Fix SetttingsDialog
  • Fix TFTP issues during shutdown
  • Fix TunnelOptin dialog buttons
  • Fix adding magnet link download
  • Fix anon dialog
  • Fix anonymous_slidebar in SaveAs dialog
  • Fix binary data being put in a couple assertion messages.
  • Fix download dialog
  • Fix hidden_service unit test
  • Fix mac crash on startup
  • Fix nickname problem
  • Fix proxy settings for normal downloads
  • Fix pymdht
  • Fix socket reading loop.
  • Fix some log entries formatting.
  • Fix the anontunnel opt-in dialog.
  • Fix the problem that ListItem is not registered
  • Fix typo in home tab.
  • Fix windows installer signing
  • Reset the nickname to "Tribler user" if the nickname contains the hostname.
  • Show a meaningful message before doing a slow task during upgrade
  • Update README
  • Update default download config
  • Use default anonymous level for new downloads
  • Use shutil.move instead of os.rename in several places to allow to move files across filesystems.

TriblerTech Specs

File Size
25.6 MB
Operating Systems
Mac OS X
System Requirements
  • OS X 10.6 or later

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